posted on September 17, 2015 at 9:57 pm


an imaginary life superimposition on fabric de la realitie

solemn pillar of smoke rises from our heros joint

seeing things as they are who can trust their eyes

a wasp materialises in my room and climbs inside a solid glass bulb

whispers near my ears in an electronic voice presence

with my rainy tower in the basement

where i type tippity type

in an instant chocolate black magic womens singing

spring has blown open its shoots and out come storms

thrashed and flush with failure successfully endlessly

champion of the downtrodden mountain king Magnus

i am screaming out i am not me

sometimes you cannot move a muscle although you are awake

some say you sleep on in the heart of the land

the traps i set for myself are full and glutted with shreds

ding dong dell pussy’s in the well

little boy blue come blow up your horn

no maybe this has all happened before but still i wont believe it

the ladies in the gallery are all sighing unrequited silences

no violent brute from the future or raving caveman

craving no anonymity however i am given no name

but strong spirits in bottles bubbling to cause their trouble

a little manikin half mortal at the portal to usher blushing panic in

quite candidly i’d pander to you but you’d slander me

in my horrific fucking dreams where you sometimes hide trying to ride it out

in the sentient night which closes in roses thorns and leaves uncertain

curtained against city sky light the shadow of fallow morning

in lovely rooms like the cool tombs beneath a burning desert

we wander i become fonder of my freedom seldom despondent

my hands full of sand and random shells oh well it sells well

the aqua marine drive

neptune street up to dolphin ave

red brick three floors yellow lights  one bedroom windows

no vacancy monsieur

we have rejected this application

we never received any lovely attachment

somehow it was lost

never to be found








posted on September 9, 2015 at 9:09 am
las vegas

las vegas dressing room time:now!

after a million miles on the bus

after the all the bumps and curves and shaking

groaning down the moonlit highway with a trailer full of gear

the music ringing on in my ears forever

i can hear virtually nothing but the ringing

day and sizzling night

my poor shot out ears

i guess its all worth it one day

i guess when i’m home again doing the washing up

i guess when my suitcase expires and all the socks escape

the tour winds around the usa

the deserts the giant redwoods the uninhabited spaces behind my eyes

the whirlwind plunges and lunges forwards

we pull up in some deserted coastal town

where the fuck was that oregon or california

a mexican restaurant and that was it

trudging through nevada 105 degree heat

boutique towns that look like movie sets

the quarries and the cornfields of the flat lands

alluvial plains and bridges and ditches and telegraph poles

the audiences cheer and clap they file in and out of the theatres and gigs

the guitars go back in the cases

the bass waits silently in the darkness

the lights are yet dimmed

the stage lays in black unrealised

the notes and words  all potential

we hit seattle and denver and somewhere else, didn’t we..?

we grab our meals

we slosh down our drinks

we light up a smoke outside in the quiet

we lose ourselves in some song

dislocated by the road

i march into your life and back out again

my voice is uncertain and frail in the small hours

and the distance is always beckoning on somewhere else

i lose contact with the world

i live within this strange waking dream

miles and miles and miles later

ordering a coffee

they ask me for a name

and i look around for what seems like hours

waiting for my name to appear on my lips

waiting for the tour to slow its way to an end

i don’t know anymore




posted on August 30, 2015 at 5:31 am


the tour winds through all these cities

the camaraderie the discussions

get on n off the bus

where can i do yoga?

where can i get a veggie soup?

yeah take pictures with blokes and their wives

yeah sign stuff

yeah do soundchecks

we play in missouri in a big woodchipped yard

we play in urbana in a parking lot

we play in beautiful theatres and huge beer barns

the P.Furs are wonderful and we have meshed together nicely

you gotta love richard butler he’s a classic

i don’t get tired of hearing em either

and sometimes the furs stand there listening to us

richard is quite taken with the disillusionist apparently

they are extremely cool people and we are digging this tour

me, i go out onstage and i just rock out

i have fun doing all those stupid rock poses i do

and i love the elasticity that my constant yoga practice brings

i.e. my knees and back don’t give out as i ponce about lugging the bass

the band are all playing great and we have a great crew

i can’t complain

the long drives are arduous but i sleep

there are some damn nice fans out there who cheer me up everyday

the jazz is good n easy to find

i have one small gin and tonic before i go on and thats it

me n tim try to walk about n get exercise

we are a great band

we still have a lot of good music in us

tonight our own show a sold out theatre in chicago

we doing blurred crusade plus show as per australia

there is still so much left to do and play

still vibed

and feeling hungry for more music

love from the bus parked in a rainy chicago leafy street

bye bye


posted on August 24, 2015 at 6:31 am
underground club

underground club

a long night lurching down the road

in my black bunk like a cryogenic time traveller

i shiver and shudder and i fret over the potholes in my brain

have i ever been here would i know

another america another kilbey another era

another guitar another gig another ride

oh but sweet hot summer burns all around

the greenery and the scenery and the long hauls

the memory dreams other times other tours

other eyes have seen it all

the audiences oh the audiences

they clap and cheer and shout as the music comes out

we accelerate climbing above the turbulence

in the theatre of absurdly beautiful birdsong

the guitars chirp in my stratosphere casting  squalls of notes

the drums beat on no one asks why

in my mirror theres no one there or home

we swoop low over mountain range

i wake up and blow my mind with good music

i roll along on all my songs

tremolo vibrato crescendo

so tired tho


i go n have a little lie down somewhere


posted on August 23, 2015 at 7:28 am
the summer mankind

the summer mankind

touring baby you gotta love it

we play a gig in an old church in pittsburgh

we play some big theatre in royal oak michigan

the lights have dazzled me

the sound has baffled me

my own words resound at night with buses engine

in the blackness of my air conditioned bunk the bus lurches on

the fans get autographs and pictures

i get to kiss n cuddle guys wives with their full encouragement

as they snap pic after pic

hey thats showbiz! .. right…?

my bass practically plays itself by now

i am cut free and adrift

the band is sounding great says old mr modesty me

ok meet n greet n soundcheck ahoy

thats a performance in itself now

see you soon


posted on August 21, 2015 at 9:12 am

dressing room new jersey

the crying guitars wept up by the mid 20th century

will rail against the dyeing of the fleeting light

i’m on tour just like i dreamed when i was kid little lamb

when i was jung oh so long ago so many moons and dunes after

staying in hotels

gliding through the american summer days like a dream

i meet and greet the fans i am stunned to see they are all doctors and lawyers

imagine their serious complicated lives

and then they listen to the church to forget themselves

i think thats kinder cool

i love everyone who loves the band

if they have heeded this vague call

gigs fly by and out of memory

i do yoga and stay tuned

i am sensible and healthy

in crowded rooms and vast lonely places

in the humidity and the A.C.’s icy blast

in the drudgery and romance

in the packing and unpacking

in the stupidity and the brilliance

in the limelight and in the emptiness

in the anticipation and in the release

in the many and in the only only one

goddess of music lay your favour on me babe

saraswati out there some where jamming down her sacred groove

many splendid evening the strings i pull go right through them

a piano falls from the sky and crushes my shadow

the notes explode radiating out in arcing cadences

bass a serpent wriggling in my earth like worm

i plug in and i’m flying through cities like a witch

the magic comes when it wants it goes when it wants

it is elusive illusive and divisive

magic god music yoga peace pot

a secret transmission from beyond via a daft old popsinger

what is music anyway i still don’t understand

what is a song even?

what is your bass guitar?

what is the time that you go onstage?

what is the first note in the first song?

what is the last note you will ever play?

where did it start and how will it end?

watch this space i guess



posted on August 19, 2015 at 1:40 am
somewhere near you soon

somewhere near you soon

lets see last time i wrote anything but damn I’ve lost track

we played in philly we played in a huge round tent at cape cod

george who is a local fire lieutenant and his friend chris

pick up me and haugie and take us to the cape cod beach

wow water a lovely temperature

and i just love the east coast beaches in summer

and i love how forlorn they are in winter too

but this beach was hot and sunny

george and chris had cold waters and towels and deckchairs and everything

these guys might have been big and talked like tony soprano(to my uneducated ears)

but they were fucking lovely geezers and george even shouted us breakfast

even though he had none himself

it was so cool to hang with those guys

later on chris got excited at the show and was standing up yelling out stuff

but it was fucking hilarious banter and i was smiling my head off

the show at the cape cod gig was ultra short but the crowd went bananas

they go a bit more bananas for the furs but thats ok because the furs are pretty good

richard butler has one of the most instantly recognisable voices in rocknroll

i have always admired and rated him since the first record

he is a cool guy and he and the rest of the furs and crew are gentlemen

except their front of house person and their keyboard player who are real ladies

its a great treat for people to see two vintage bands who still are rocking

music for discerning adults maybe

I’ve run out of definitions

sitting in back of bus now riding into nyc

irving plaza tonight

important gig i guess

the church will rock

you can be sure of it

over n out

its almost 100 frickin’ degrees outside

I’m five foot and 11 inches if you wondering

and i weigh about 12 stone

and i got a ton of things on my tiny mind

aloha you cool creatures

posted on August 15, 2015 at 7:57 am
the night

the night

we  drive on into a deep summer day

cool dark dressing rooms out the back of the gig

off the bus on the bus

pleasant green surrounds

the smell of pines

do yoga alongside bus in the shade

pleasant young lady copper drives up

I’m smoking mother nature which i hold behind me

she rolls down window

she is quite a cutie in her uniform

dark skin but blonde hair

sir i’m just making sure everything is alright back here

yes quite alright quite alright

the damn spliff burns on behind my back

the officer smiles

sir i don’t mind if you smoke back here

phew i say

I’m doing yoga too i say for no good reason

i wish i could do yoga too she says laughing and driving off

ok ok

I’m getting confused where this was now

we get on the bus and pop up every day somewhere new

the seaside with all the amusement parks rising bold and stark

the saltwater taffy and the knick-knack shops

i saw a good t shirt which said

what goes on at grandmas place stays at grandmas place

yeah i jump in the sea for 5 minutes its pretty cold

now we are up in maine in portland in the eastern tip i think

we are doing the blurred crusade plus show tonight

had some delicious mexican with haugie

wow this is a weird life

but its all rushing past like in life speeds up

i walk out there and theres the bass

patiently waiting for me like a hound

this is the big moment right

when i pick it up n sling it round my neck

yeah somebody cheers

as i walk up to the mic

i begin to pluck it

and the voice glides out of throat

just like yesterday once more



posted on August 12, 2015 at 6:31 am
smoke detective

smoke detective

set free at last to rocknroll m’lud

i sleep with my bass guitar in realms of royal marine

shooting down the long warm summer highways in darkness

asleep in a careening hunk of tin and all its little motors n engines

cooling system heating system

the system that checks the other systems

white widow whispering in back of my mind

the air rushes in an open window

the blank emptiness around us

i get up and talk to the pilot for awhile

as we fly over flyovers and layovers and underpasses

we get to somewhere and we go for a swim in the pleasant murky atlantic

the rocks are hard studded with cockle shells

as the blurry summery night comes down

as we dream up our music in a motel mirror

as we stroll across open fields around the beach with families in picnic

and their blasters blast out something incomprehensibly beyond my ken

an über guy arrives

he’s young and a latino (i guess)

and driving a lexus

he is impossibly sharp looking and handsome in a tough way

he is a kickboxing champ

he is a big rolling gambler

he is studying criminal psychology

he talks about his life and suddenly he fixes his eye on me in the mirror

i’m gonna do something you know what i’m saying…?

coz i came from absolute nothing..!

our eyes lock for a moment in the rearview

and we exchange some brief shot of mutual empathy

he understands that i understand and a goofy smile crosses his stern face

i hope this man succeeds he has won my admiration for his chutzpah

we find a good vegan restaurant i drink deep of hemp milk

woe upon the idiots who demonised hemp , such a useful plant

i do yoga consistently

flexibility remains a side effect of whatever yogas main agenda is

yoke me to the fucking universe because I’m starting to feel it

it had to take this long to understand because thats how long it just fucking takes

my bass guitar strapped to my frame i stride across a stage belting out my numbers

my bass goes right through me and then through you

it is warm and round and blurry like a summer night

the rain goes on falling out there in the  north east bits of america

its all pretty gorgeous in the sweet sweet summertime

onstage i am repossessed night after night so i live it up to the hilton

i crouch and lunge and i bounce and i hammer on and off

my words flood my head waiting to get let out like all get out

the guitars conjuring up all that sound

surges of power jolt me and i feel like i could maybe levitate

regardless which version of the band you like

this band right now with craig and with ian on board

is the righteous slayer of audiences

a machine now lean from a load of shows

and ready to crunch down and rock

yes rock and fuck it if you don’t like rock

because rock can be thine deliverance if you would just let it be

anyway rock has got me now i can feel it

i walk in its presence and i dream in its shadow

i labour in its blistering groves n grooves

where the trees bear riffs and bloom power

in stately arcs the keys flower around

i am quite gone

we meet some people but i am gone

we drive away but i am already gone

doing this every night has a strange effect on my feeble brain

i miss my five beautiful daughters

i imagine miranda and elektra doing their gigs somewhere

the noise and the lights have dazzled me tho

i am an efficient machine

a rocknroll soldier or something

a delusional itinerant old bassist

and yet

the show must go on

posted on August 10, 2015 at 7:20 am
dressing roomed

dressing roomed

sitting backstage at the fillmore in baltimore

waiting for a soundcheck

spoke to white widow made me see the light

the p.furs are lovely people and their crew

they are a great live band too and richard is still very cool

first gig in toronto

(no davey rundelle that aint the toronto just outside newcastle nsw)

we do blurred crusade plus another mixed bag like in australia

wow they liked it although the gig was far from full

a lovely part of toronto the gig was in

cool bohemian and leafy with a perfect summer temp of about 75

buffalo is a weird place

but the gig and audience response were incredibly good

we are certainly a muscular rock band as well as all the other stuff we can do

its fun to flex that muscle thats for sure and the people in buffalo really responded

it was a perfect venue too

i was quite delighted

it all seemed good and the whole band is playing like a machine

theres a lot of love and expertise there

anyway I’ve had enough of this

its very warm and humid here

we drove on the bus overnight to maryland

silver springs in fact

the gig is impressive its big and feels like an important gig

a gig where punters get their tiny minds blown by seeing the best bands

in the world do their thingy  live

like tonight

a pairing of 2 classic bands of a certain ilk

we certainly loved the furs in the church and held them in highest regard

its great to be part of a package delivering this kind of quality blah blah blah

thats it

the church honed by much gigging are alive and slaying em wherever

i never woulda put my money on this turnaround but there ya go

you knever know your luck in the rocknroll lottery

snakes n fucking ladders my confidantes reading this wherever you are

we are on the much talked about road

yeah rock on its better to burn out cos rust never sleeps

we hurtle headlong into a thousand possible futures

and any slight motion might send us off into some unknown unmapped places