posted on August 20, 2016 at 9:28 pm

Photo on 20-08-2016 at 9.12 PM

people surprised i fantasise about it


after all the fucking drugs


after all the fucking women


after all the fucking arguments


after all the planes and airports


after getting chucked in jail


after all the broken hearts


after all the lies and alibis


after all the ugly rivals


after all the riches and debts


after all the fucking racket is died down


after all the boozing and schmoozing


after all the lording it over them


after all the grovelling to them


all i found and then lost gone into


and the hasty and hypocritical pronouncements


to be nothing

to be no one

to not have to see it

to not have to feel it

to not hear about it

to not have it shoved in your face



yes i am ok

not planning on checking out

but fuck it all


posted on August 18, 2016 at 8:33 pm

angular mood

more than i want all the gold


more than i want all the drugs


more than i want all the women


more than i want all the fame


more than i want all the blame


more than i want this world and all the people in it


more than i want endless life with its pleasures and its aches


more than i want another scene


more than i want another chance


more than i want all the love


oh to dissolve..!


posted on August 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm
down caste

down caste

the empty street contains no clue

there is no moon

stumbling along inside a stillness

bitterest of dream

glimmer of doubt

blueprint of loneliness

oh why oh why oh why

that certain sinking feeling where does it come from..?

the anxious counting of minutes

listlessly wasting hours

flower of abandon

how to long for that oblivion

my reverie grows dark

lost in a mist time to close in

a child passes by close in that fog

light of youth illuminating the white plains

inside still however it rains

the cars are crammed into my head

they slip through the synapses effortlessly

swerving blindingly in my mind

my services are declined i am no longer steering

nearing my abode

i let the whole damn thing implode






posted on August 12, 2016 at 5:55 pm
slim prophet of the margin

slim prophet of the margin

and lo it came to pass that in those days

men could sing certain things into being

and that these beings walked on this earth with those men

strange loveliness o my Talitha..!

the last days of Assyria the imperial measured fall into histories of abyss

the dragon the lynx the female chimerae the winged bull

beautiful monstrosity un-statued marble eye

the crown of all india

the graceless whining of century upon century

the forgiveness we are unable to muster

the cloaked place in the woods where we meet and fuck

the mirror catches sight of some dreadful little pig; an involuntary shudder

the far sighted archer apollo himself the prince of all musicians

why! he guides these song weapons home driven into the idiot hearts of the hoi polloi

why! he has visited me in dream and laughed at my useless offerings

why! i am remade in his image now somehow i can hear him

the words drop out of the sky like birds of burden

my crash oh behold its necessity yonder as ungrateful slurs and spleen

baby lonely in babylonian embrace

i pictured it as the empress in the gutter on her knees

i am a mere poet i record these scenes and forget them

i resurface again and again in the worlds that are out there

we all do

but some cannot listen

but i do!


posted on August 11, 2016 at 8:55 pm


home in sydney now back in coogee beach

so much work to do but so reluctant to do anything much

havent eaten much…lost so much weight

havent slept much…lost a lotta brain matter too

yeah went a little crazy i suppose

it all caught up with me

america seemed hot and dry and strangely empty on the streets

i didnt always have the best night every night either

maybe i hit the edibles too hard.

after all we were in all the legal states one after another

stupid old killer like a kid in a candy store

smoking weed eating it putting it on as lip balm

hand lotion

lozenges pills and watermelon pot shake

yeah i did em all n all n all over again

stoned fucking immaculate

a law unto my own troubled self

yeah baby rocknroll

i got sick of the bus a bit

i got sick of all the endless waiting around

and the tediousness of soundchecks

i never get sick of the lovely audiences and our VIP fans

anyway its all over and done now

now i got bowie shows round oz and golden greats

and even something else

which i will confirm once its 100 per cent

the hardest working idiot in show biz folks

steven j kilbey with the red nose the wispy hair and the sexy elbow

yeah you know who i am

sure you do!

posted on August 4, 2016 at 12:48 pm


we drive all night thru darkness and wild terrain

the gig in nebraska was a good show

not having been eating much lately i was surprised at how hunger

can help lift your energy on stage

so i had a good night and the audience likes us

then that huge black drive through the night and morning to get here

we arrive and we do a radio show recording some stripped back songs

st louis is hot and steamy but its ok

tomorrow it all starts up again

the last 3 gigs for awhile

fly home sunday night

get in tuesday morning early

man i’m looking forward to that

this is a strange life out here

sometimes it pulls you right in

other times it keeps you at an arms distance

so much fucking blah blah blah

waiting around

looking for things you keep losing

people borrowing stuff that never come back

trying to keep a track of everything that random capricious chance dishes up daily

today i feel neither up nor down

just alright

and alright is fucking alright



posted on August 3, 2016 at 9:53 am


sing then o muses

sing of the unholy darknesses that plague men like us

sing of the sirens sing of the witches sing of the gorgons

sing of the great waves that splintered my craft on this isle

and the sand still in my hair

the spells the lies the dreams the games

sing of my musk

sing of my blood

sing of the oil which covers my hands

i am mark antony i am shipwrecked i am nobody

madam is this really illyria?

the glory the racket the days and nights spent lost

the lights were on still we never flinched

the straps the armour the goads the horses tails

yes the honey

yes the flowing milk right there before me a stream

i can still see it..

terrible loveliness always our sweet doom ruin

i try to walk away

i can never walk away

i still long for these times even now

and it burns nectarine

yes it burns

play my songs

do my show

ride the bus

but inside my deepest blackest mind

then its only you who will really  know where i am





posted on August 1, 2016 at 12:59 pm
topsy turvy

topsy turvy x

yeah we are pretty good

i had some colorado edibles i am feeling all over the shop

yeah this is the best and worst living in the world

yeah its everything at once

boring and stupid and beautiful girls screaming

what does it matter now

i’m riding a slump what can i say

sorry this aint all light and sunshine here

that aint what ya signed up for

here i am

doing my thing

sometimes it aint so great

i love you anyway



posted on July 31, 2016 at 1:31 pm
same old same old

our net could hold silk stars


another hot place

another hot day

another gig

not complaining

just saying

just saying i had enough i guess

lost my motivation somewhere

lost my self

lost my way

now i’m stuck here inside of me

play a gig

get on the bus

go to wherever else is next

this one left me numb


posted on July 29, 2016 at 8:52 am
wheres my jini?

wheres my jini?

yeah rocknroll

the noise the travel the repetition

on the bus off the bus

the audience claps

the people meet n greet

the mouths say words

the hands shake

the wheels turn around

existential doubts

the miles pass by

i think of times in the past

as much as i want to get back there i cant

i’m stuck here in the freezing blackness of a bunk

i’m stumbling out in the sunshine somewhere lost

i’m walking on stage with my head full of haze

i watch the days pass and melt away

it will be so nice to get home

i can see my kitchen now with the red door

and hear the seagulls and the endless traffic

and i’m walking down the hill to the ocean