posted on September 25, 2016 at 8:13 pm
cloakful of eagles

cloakful of eagles

harridan of mercindols

i sing for my supper and i sometimes must starve

i am everything i never wanted to be

i merge with the rain

in sunlight all my years on my face

the people i meet with all shaking my hands

in sleep i am in torment

in alertness i am falling asleep

longing for moments in the past to return

null future void on

the songs i sang

all rang on in my ears


posted on September 22, 2016 at 1:57 pm
why dontcha smile?

why dontcha smile?

i killer of the mundane

the slayer of ennui

the kingly man with a lions heart on his sleeve steve

i who live on nectars and ether

visitor from another planet with strangely powerless

yeah i fucking entertain em for my living

i jumped up in fremantle last night

me n my little band damn we were good

i know jesus looked down and smiled once or twice

playing a bunch of my new songs too

oh gee they all really  sounded good at least i thought so

had a few stiff gins too and some excellent musicians cigarettes

fell into the zone and we stayed there

full marks to guys in my band shaun shaun and adrian

in one  afternoon we chucked it all together

great venue too altho i already forgot the name

was it the blinco club or something?

going on radio today and indigenous singer Gina Williams

is going to come on and sing under the milky  way

in her own language Noongar . there are less than 400 living speakers

i sing second verse because Gina got stuck translating the word “curtains”

because they had no curtains and no word for them

so she has a lovely powerful voice too

imagine my song sung in this ancient and rare tongue

well thats gotta be good…right?

corporate solo show for some lawyers tonite for some good $

wonder if i can snag a free attorney? but the law is an ass…!

then back east to rehearse for smiths tribute gig which is sold out

almost a thousand people

now cramming in my room for show

i am

this charming man

bidding fonda dew

posted on September 12, 2016 at 4:05 pm
so far so good

so far so good

sorry for my immodesty but fuck i feel and i look good for 62

in fact i feel healthier and have more energy than when i was 22

my doctor says to me after a whole gamut of tests

whatever youre doing just keep doing it!

my blood pressure my heart my lungs my blood tests all my levels: in good shape

my friends you will be happy to know i turned the diabetes around by avoiding sugar

the hep C is now gone thanks to Harvoni

the heart palpitations have stopped

i swim

i do yoga

i meditate

i walk up n down hills

nothing and nobody stops me

of course i lay most of this at the feet of not eating meat

if you wanna look young and be healthy DONT EAT FUCKING MEAT!

what can be any simpler than that?

dont smoke cigarettes

take it easy with booze. i like a drink but i stop at one rarely 2

take it easy with the drugs

watch out cos theres a lotta new synthetics out there gonna fuck you up quicker than heroin ever would

be nice to people

do charitable acts

its so obvious

imitate jesus

imitate buddha

have  sex (even if its only with yerself you wankers!) i reckon its gotta be good for ya!

have good friends

do what you believe in

blah blah blah

you know what i say its all the same old things i always say

but look at me the proof is in the pudding

then also one day my luck will run out like everyone elses has to

meanwhile  i have hit my sixties with a definite bang! and i’m on the track n i’m running

refrain from all that bullshit you know is bad for you

get in the fucking sea and get in the sun and get in the wind

be courteous and polite to everyone even if they are obviously being a fucknuckle

i dont know

i feel my philosophies and lifestyle and my beliefs have rendered 62 a mere number

nothing has changed

i aint no old shambling wreck

i was a vegetarian and i exercised and now i am really reaping the rewards

i only tell you this not to merely brag although i am stupidly bragging yes

but to exhort you to stop with the meat stop with the bad stuff

do the good stuff

look !

it works

i’m 62 and i dont give a flying fuck!




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posted on September 9, 2016 at 11:27 pm

not tut

all of this will one day pass

it is of no consequence what he says or she does

all the lies

all the truth

who will care ?

unscrupulous bastards

paragons of virtue

ordinary old scrubbers

the waiter with the bill

the noise the hoo ha

the jockeying

the dirty flirting thats always hurting

the black eye

the eviction notice

the mezcal still going down n making me sleepy

oh to sleep and sleep and sleep

oh to wake up in a sunny past when everything was just so splendid

the wheels crank around

the orbs move through the sky

nothing changes

everything changes

its all still going on out here

theyre all still closing in on us

the cops the lawyers the soldiers the ghosts

a hundred thousand born

a hundred thousand die

but sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep

how i envy those deep dreaming in some lovely sleep

outside tho

its cold and im getting old and my skin is tight and hurting

strangers love me but lovers are estranged how very strange

no i aint got the power anymore

i impotently hurl words at pages

old and fragile faker

just another contender just another lender just another bender

fill me up with more drugs and more drink and more women and more music

send me to bed without my fucking supper

look at me sadly as i sit up in bed waiting for something that never arrives

walk around the room putting things away thank you for all the hooks

remembering blue days and photographs of apples

remembering velvety rivers and gentle evenings

remembering all those heads that lay on my shoulder

remembering screaming down a million phones at a million different people

everyone of them was me

the preposterous jostling against the pleasant mundanity of life

i hate sunday and i always will

i already feel it coming down the line

i hate loneliness i hate crowds

i hate silence i hate noise

i hate hating stuff and i wonder where all the love evaporates when its gone

i wonder how long im s’posed to play my latest part and i fear not much longer

the words fall out of the sky

the messages come in like stupid little pigeons

oh i love you

oh now i hate you

oh now i am at the shop do you want anything?

oh why dont you come down to charlies bar where we’re all having a drink?

oh why dont you lighten up

oh why dont you take it more seriously

oh why dont you pay the interest on your credit card and avoid a late fee

oh why dont you write a song about all of this

my legs are hurting

my eyes are sore

i like looking at my face still and admiring my angles

i could do anything i like but i do nothing

i shouldnt do anything but theres nothing i like anyway

now i am already asleep

the bills have paid themselves

the problems have been solved as i dreampt

i feel warmth in my limbs

as i sleep i hold my cock in my hand

my hair looks stupid when i wake up

its still only very early but the aeroplanes are rattling all my statues of buddha

the phantom groupies are all getting dressed and having showers and leaving

the long dead boys of all the old bands are smoking cigarettes as the van splutters to life

we’re in germany

we’re in iowa

we’re in strathfield

i lied to you all i never wrote any songs

or played any gigs

i was never a junky

i never was in bed with yer sister

i never left school

my name isnt even steve fucking kilbey

how gullible you were to believe all that nonsense

how lovely it is to sleep in my little bed all snugly in my boots and jacket

how unobtainable the past suddenly is

oh its lovely down here

tell me

why would ya ever wanna wake up?

posted on September 8, 2016 at 10:10 pm


your old friend the time being sitting here drinking this so called illegal mezcal

that my friend the booze importer gave me

i must admit i fuckin’ enjoying meself here

tho kids i dont advocate you do this at home

of course i have had one hour of yoga

one hour of swimming

one hour of walking

and one hour of blah blah blah blah so there you go

getting old but im still younger than most of em will ever be again

life surprises me life excites me

i have 5 unbelievable beautiful daughters for christs sake

the words fall outta the air for me

i have the regal bearing of an exiled king now pauper

i’m having a laugh

i’m meeting people all over the place

wild and crazy offers come in

i try my best i try to do my best

it dont always work out how you think it would or should or could

what ya gonna do?

ya gonna get up and fucking get on with it

or ya gonna lay around moaning and writhing about

as a matter of fact both those things happen to me

in reality i am already complete but i feel incomplete

it is merely to actualise it i suppose

with what i know it should be easy

september music month whoopee

listen to some rare track i did

and then consider the huge injustice of my relative obscurity

or understand the correlation between life and death

or tap your foot and hum the fucking chorus

i dunno

do what ever you want to

you will anyway


im just writing my blog and sipping some illegal mezcal

and i feel..pleasantly detached…



posted on August 30, 2016 at 5:30 pm


when i was sick in rehab getting off heroin

tortured aching crying puking sweating

unable to sleep a wink

when i was vulnerable stripped back to nothing

a raw and open human nerve with no way to keep out the world

someone made me a mixtape and it had the bewlay brothers on it

i hung on to this song like an incantation

the melody the words the story which is no story

whatever the fuck it is or isnt

i just listened over and over as those slow minutes passed in LA on warm afternoons

i listened to it again just now

its still one of the most magickal and special songs anyone could ever have written





posted on August 20, 2016 at 9:28 pm

Photo on 20-08-2016 at 9.12 PM

people surprised i fantasise about it


after all the fucking drugs


after all the fucking women


after all the fucking arguments


after all the planes and airports


after getting chucked in jail


after all the broken hearts


after all the lies and alibis


after all the ugly rivals


after all the riches and debts


after all the fucking racket is died down


after all the boozing and schmoozing


after all the lording it over them


after all the grovelling to them


all i found and then lost gone into


and the hasty and hypocritical pronouncements


to be nothing

to be no one

to not have to see it

to not have to feel it

to not hear about it

to not have it shoved in your face



yes i am ok

not planning on checking out

but fuck it all


posted on August 18, 2016 at 8:33 pm

angular mood

more than i want all the gold


more than i want all the drugs


more than i want all the women


more than i want all the fame


more than i want all the blame


more than i want this world and all the people in it


more than i want endless life with its pleasures and its aches


more than i want another scene


more than i want another chance


more than i want all the love


oh to dissolve..!


posted on August 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm
down caste

down caste

the empty street contains no clue

there is no moon

stumbling along inside a stillness

bitterest of dream

glimmer of doubt

blueprint of loneliness

oh why oh why oh why

that certain sinking feeling where does it come from..?

the anxious counting of minutes

listlessly wasting hours

flower of abandon

how to long for that oblivion

my reverie grows dark

lost in a mist time to close in

a child passes by close in that fog

light of youth illuminating the white plains

inside still however it rains

the cars are crammed into my head

they slip through the synapses effortlessly

swerving blindingly in my mind

my services are declined i am no longer steering

nearing my abode

i let the whole damn thing implode






posted on August 12, 2016 at 5:55 pm
slim prophet of the margin

slim prophet of the margin

and lo it came to pass that in those days

men could sing certain things into being

and that these beings walked on this earth with those men

strange loveliness o my Talitha..!

the last days of Assyria the imperial measured fall into histories of abyss

the dragon the lynx the female chimerae the winged bull

beautiful monstrosity un-statued marble eye

the crown of all india

the graceless whining of century upon century

the forgiveness we are unable to muster

the cloaked place in the woods where we meet and fuck

the mirror catches sight of some dreadful little pig; an involuntary shudder

the far sighted archer apollo himself the prince of all musicians

why! he guides these song weapons home driven into the idiot hearts of the hoi polloi

why! he has visited me in dream and laughed at my useless offerings

why! i am remade in his image now somehow i can hear him

the words drop out of the sky like birds of burden

my crash oh behold its necessity yonder as ungrateful slurs and spleen

baby lonely in babylonian embrace

i pictured it as the empress in the gutter on her knees

i am a mere poet i record these scenes and forget them

i resurface again and again in the worlds that are out there

we all do

but some cannot listen

but i do!