posted on July 25, 2010 at 8:38 am

well we had some fun
we had some laffs
we had some ninnies
we had some controversy
we had the big split a few years back
when the carnivores left en masse
we had lovely generous fiendss
we had envious tiny pigs
we had millions of words
we had over one million reads…well over
still got almost a thousand readers a day
this will be the last on here however
tomorrow …aw you know where to go
much better
i’ll be able to post high quality longer videos
better photos
better blogs
better living thru timebeing
so thats it
a little tear of farewell
a backwards glance
dont look back in anger
just look forwards in anticipation
thats it
aloha blogger
see you for a new blog tomorrow elsewhere
thanks for all the support
n bondi july 25 2010

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