posted on June 9, 2010 at 3:37 am

my brother russell
recommended i read this book called
the secret history of the world
an esoteric trawl thru the philosophies
of the secret societies that exist n have existed…
to put it all in a simplistic nutshell
mind before matter

long before anything else
there was the boy
a boy born out of time n place
growing up in australia in the fifties n sixties
i read alice in wonderland n alice thru the looking glass
when i was 5 or 6 n i was gone
then the greek myths, the norse myths, the celtic myths
then the chronicles of narnia
(frequently referred to by t.s.h.o.t.w.)
this was my world
the world of spirit
the world of magic
the world of imagination
more real to me
than the humdrum ordinary one
in which i never felt right or at home
anyway the narnian chronicles blew my tiny mind
and a lot of the secret encoded (rosicrucian) information
went straight thru to my heart n soul
(and verily i grokked it!)
i could never turn back from here on in
i could never be an ordinary person happily living
in the ordinary world
(cue duran duran ; no, please dont!)
then came lord of the rings
psychedelic rock
drugs etc
i have read the bible the koran
the bhagavad gita
and almost got thru the 18 volume srimad bhagavatam
the hindu secret doctrine or as krsna puts it to arjuna
the most confidential information
i have read extensively on yoga
i have read buddhas the path of dharma
and many other esoteric and exoteric treatises on or by the buddha
of course as you all know too well
i have been doing yoga on n off for almost 25 years
the last 5 years very intently n intensely
all of my study is confirmed in this book
mind before matter
mind over matter
all esoteric literature has to be interpreted
like poetry
like heiroglyphs
like sunsets
and life and death
and astrology and alchemy
you cant solve this stuff literally
you need some strange inclination
which i have in spades
my own work
thirty odd years of songs packed full of esoterica
messages puzzles clues
random name dropping of things i had no real idea about
its all there for you to see
hardly any stuff about the ordinary world
i have poured my heart n soul into the surrealism of it all
my music my words my paintings n now my blogs
dedicated to the marvellous in the mundane
finding the strangeness n charm on this plane
i dont believe in jehovah i dont believe in darwinian evolution
i dont believe in a one way scientific world
i dont believe its all for nothing either
i visit a healer
who 5 hundred years ago would have been burnt at the stake
she manipulates my chakras and tells me impossible things about myself
she works away on me without touching me “as if by magic”
healing the damage i have done to myself
occasionally she chuckles :
“sometimes i cant believe i’m doing it, myself”
my life has shown me karma in action
bad things come back
good things come back
inevitability is, well, inevitable
baby baby i was born to boogie sang marco boleyn
n fuck me he sure was
i reject the plausible sensible scientific christian explanations
i embrace the weird and wonderful meanings i feel n i sense
when i write music
it all flows to me
appearing in my mind fully formed
music is magic
yoga is magic
life is magic
i dream n i yearn for the inexplicable
i devote my life n my work to its exploration
i dunno what i’m doing but i know i’m meant to do it
i heartily recommend this book by jonathan black
if you like what i do
i know you’ll love it
thanks rusty n amy
i’m thoroughly enjoying the read
abra fucking ca dabra !

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