posted on July 21, 2018 at 10:44 pm

you are my sunshine

I was colonel light

baptised in a rushing sea

the fish beneath me

the clouds above me

the silver shells that lose their shine in the air

the aquatics that populate colder southern waters

the marine creatures I had imagined would be there

I could breathe under that water

and I spoke to eels and the snakes

as I raced towards the surface my gills bursting with air

the sails were filled and we skimmed

the watery drops sang in my earrings

my fingers caught in their own webbing

and I went smashing across the waves

as the sea poured into my throat

and the salt entered my eyes

a delicious dimness then filled me

numb and alone

I saw a grey bird fly overhead

up in a sky that was stretched canvas across a horizon

the fishermen and the rocks

then something has hooked me and im being pulled along

you struggle against the hurt but the barb in your mouth

they let me run then they jerk me back

im being played on my own line

I land in the sand at the foot of the bed

the rain is inside and I sit up laughing

the watercolours are running down the wall

words are leaping out of the typewriter

the bass guitar is vibrating in its case angrily

a plane flies right over Coogee in the darkness

in my drowning dream where I struggle against the torrent

the backlash of a dam

the northwind tore the songs from my hand and cast them swirling away

a net contains me

I cannot save the whole world from sinking

they try to make me but I cannot go on

thats enough then they say

let him wake up they say

I look in the mirror but you never do

you never really wake up

you never really want to

I shrug my shoulders down on earth

I pull on an old coat like a ripple at a jetty

I see almost eternity in the dawn of another night

in the stones by the pools

in the song of the seal

in the memory of a lock

in the clutch of flowers

in some other language

some other sunday

where men wonder

and there is no release






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