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“Unearthed” was released in the same time period of the Church’s first masterpiece “Heyday”. “Unearthed” is a delightful gem of a CD that will appeal to anybody that likes creative, alternative and psychedelic music. Kilbey sounds like a Pink Floyd (Syd Era), Bowie (70’s era) and Julian Cope (early 80’s era) hybrid. He impressively infuses this enchanting and captivating CD with grandeur and splendor. The 2005 edition of “Unearthed Is Imperative” to have. The vocals and accompanying music are ear candy and delightful. An impossible CD to dislike. It’s like the Church sounded in their “Heyday” and “Starfish” era. That being said- it’s still clearly a Steve Kilbey solo CD.

Tracklist: Unearthed, Steve Kilbey, 1986

• Out Of This World (3:58)
• Guilty (3:22)
• Pretty Ugly, Pretty Sad (4:22)
• Swampdrone (1:51)
• Judgement Day (3:00)
• Rising Son (1:46)
• Tyrant (4:13)
• Forgetfulness (2:48) *
• Nonapology (2:03) *
• Transference (4:12)
• My Birthday, The Moon Festival (1:50)
• Design Error (2:49)
• Nothing Inside (3:08)
• Othertime (2:32)
• Heliopolis (4:52)
• Famine (3:56)



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    Sean Tait a.k.a Sean Ce | 24 September 2013 at 11:41 am #

    Probably the best way to describe this album is ‘overwhelming’.
    At 65 minutes long, it is not the longest album Kilbey has ever been a part of, but the fact that there are 20 tracks to get through, it feels like the album never ends. In some cases this can work in the artists favour, but here it doesn’t. It really is just an overload of music that doesn’t continually stir the passion.
    As with all albums, there are some tracks (‘Pretty Ugly, Pretty Sad’ for example) that do stand above the rest and will be played more often than the others, but because there are 20 of them, it’s hard to remember how all of them go once you reach the end of the album.
    So it’s not that Unearthed is a bad album, but there is a lot to absorb for one sitting.

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