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Kilbey Kennedy

released March 2021




Tracklist: Jupiter 13

ADSR 04:20
Rendezvous 04:44
Jupiter 13 09:19
Circus 03:06
Insane 03:47
Halfway 03:57
Holiday 04:20
Aetolia 04:31
Epilogue 01:50






Comes in a 3 panel trifold board wallet
Pre Orders from Steve Kilbey came autographed with a t shirt option available
medianews.foghornrecords.netMusic recorded in Tasmania. Vocals recorded at Damien Gerard Studios, West Gosford.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 9 324690 190485
  • Matrix / Runout: ifpi LC17 IMPLANT.COM.AU DW 15432-1 18666 6101100211
  • Barcode: IFPI K414

1   Prologue 1:24



Backing Vocals – Anna Waugh
Piano – Josh Roydhouse
Backing Vocals – Anna Waugh
Piano – Josh Roydhouse




Backing Vocals – Leona Gray



  Jupiter 13

Backing Vocals – Anastasia Badina
Piano – Stefan Horlitz
5   Circus 3:06
6   We Are Missing 3:53
7   Insane 3:46




Backing Vocals – Rowan Smith



  No Attachment

Acoustic Guitar [Solo] – Gareth Koch
Piano – Josh Roydhouse



Backing Vocals – Leona Gray
11   Aeotolia 4:29
12   Liquorice Comfits 5:55
13   Epilogue 1:50


*source: Discogs


Album Release Notes & Review

Working solo as he always does with Kilbey Kennedy projects, Kennedy recorded the music during COVID-19 lockdown in Tasmania early 2020. Then flew to Sydney to spend a few days at Damien Gerard studios to record Kilbey’s vocals. At this point Steve hasn’t heard any of the music, or written any lyrics. It all happens on the fly. It’s the way they’ve always worked. Kilbey’s creativity was on full display during the recording of the album. Kennedy:-

“Steve was on fire with ideas with this album. Creative madness in the best possible way, it was a joy to behold. Musically I think our album draws from the best of our previous albums with elements of Bowie, Bolan, Pink Floyd and a good dose of 1990s shoegaze. Lyrically it is pure unadulterated Steve Kilbey.”

The album was mixed by Andrew Beck (Grinspoon, Mental As Anything, Paul Kelly, Kate Miller Heidke) who brought fresh ears to the project and a vibrant live sound.

“The two Australians’ approaches to music and art seem to have been made for one another. Both are serious artistes in the old school, classical sense. They work in multiple mediums, including poetry, painting, animation, and, of course, music. On a more tangible level, Kennedy’s lush, film-like, downtempo soundscapes were an ideal backdrop for Kilbey’s ageless, arch, silky croon and stream-of-consciousness lyrics. A match made if not in Heaven, then certainly in Nirvana.” – John Bergstrom, Pop Matters


Jupiter 13 March 5
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Jupiter 13
A foreseeable calamity. A triumph of science.
The last straw. Not what you think it is.
A top secret. Mans basic inhumanity to man.
The impossibility according to physics. Events trigger matter.
An infinite regression. A preventable catastrophe in the future.
Investigations are underway. Call girls. Drugs. Photographs. Blackmail.
Theft of dangerous materials. The underworld. The dark web.
The manipulation of dream. The war we waged on each other and the aliens.
Ray Guns and particle acceleration. The charge that blew apart the mains.
Witchcraft and black magic. Playing around with Anti matter.
The ordinary man in the street, a day in his life.
The memory of phone calls never made.
Komarovski do you read me.
The colonel in the gentlemens club sloshed on gin. Debris orbits a tiny moon.
Richardson is on the phone: we wanna talk to you about Jupiter 13.
Yeah I bet you fucking do!
Still there is music. Attack…Decay… Sustain … Release…
Richardson hangs up somewhere in the past.
Time travel has been happening but the yanks won’t give us our go.
And we chucked in all that money.
Martin prepares an escape pod which will double as his recording studio.
He will float unconscious dreaming up symphonies that will be recorded by the software encoded in his spine.
Stefan H in Germany will know our mission is over and will play
one last lasting sweeping arpeggio which will signal the curtains.
A disaster. A mistake. A miracle. A mystery. Jupiter 13.
One hundred years until they open the files.
Im trapped in the airlock and theres no gravity.
– sk
Jan ’21 

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