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Kilbey Kennedy’s latest offering, following on from Jupiter 13. Released oct 28, 2022.

“Persephone Nimbus was just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, with a promising job at Eternity Incorporated….”

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“Persephone Nimbus was just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, with a promising job at Eternity Incorporated.


Until one day she was kidnapped by the Plutocracy.


There she reigned for 6 months of the year, a sad cold queen of the dark webbed world …


But for 6 months of the year she was allowed to ascend to the Overworld with its marvellous technological illusions. And it’s towers that pierced the very sky …


But on the first day of every autumn she must take the long staircase back down, down into the Plutocracy, with their frozen lakes and above them, a sky of iron.”


Steve Kilbey






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1. Eternity Incorporated 00:58
2. Goldmund & Narcissus (feat Leona Gray) 04:34
3. A New Planet 02:55
4. I Know What I Have to Do 01:16
5. Galaxy 09:19
6. Walk On Down The Hall 02:08
7. Persephone 03:48
8. The Room 01:04
9. When Time Has Run Out 03:42 video
10. Jesus Warehouse & Judas Smith 05:08
11. Radio Supernova 01:06 video
12. There Were Times 05:22
13. Please Alight 00:43
14. Demetrius Diatribe 04:47







“Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy follow up their acclaimed album Jupiter 13 with the epic The Strange Life of Persephone Nimbus, a sprawling Pink Floyd-ish concept album that shimmers with darkly beautiful musical undercurrents, oblique lyrics and spooky spoken word pieces. It is the second chapter of an eventual trilogy.

The album was recorded in Tasmania overlooking the ocean, peaceful and crystal calm one day, dark and stormy the next, a dynamic that inevitably worked its way into the music and lyrics.

Returning to the mixing desk is Simon Polinski (Paul Kelly, The Church, David Bridie, Stephen Cummings, Underground Lovers) who skillfully brings the story of Persephone Nimbus to life.”
Foghorn Records
October 2022






released October 28, 2022

All songs* written by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy

Produced by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy
Recorded in Tasmania, Australia
Mixed and mastered by Simon Polinski, Laundry Goat Studios, Melbourne, Australia

Additional Musicians
Track 2: Goldmund & Narcissus – Additional vocals by Leona Gray. Drums by Studio Pros
Track 3: A New Planet – Strings by Nicolás Ocampo. Bass by Marcin Palider. Drums by Studio Pros
Track 5: Galaxy – Bass by Steve Kilbey. Flute by Carina Brewer
Track 10: Jesus Warehouse & Juda Smith – Bass by Marcin Palider. Flute by Carina Brewer. Drums by Chris Brush
Track 12: There Were Times – Bass by Rowan Smith
Track 14: Demetrius Diatribe – Keyboards by Scott Targett. Acoustic guitar by Anthony Von Seck. Bass by Marcin Palider. Strings by Nicolás Ocampo. Drums by Studio Pros

*except Persephone, written by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy, with Patrick Burke and Greg McConville
Album artwork by Keith Donald
Released through Foghorn Records

2022 Kilbey Kennedy
all rights reserved







Limited edition vinyl is available as part of a campaign that ends on Nov 5.

Delivery is expected in 2023.

If you miss out on the preorder campaign that ends on Nov 5, you will likely be able to order a limited quantity in 2023.

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watch the offcial video for When Time Has Run Out on YouTube 






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