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Songs From Another Life: Music Of Antiquity – Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch


The CD is packaged in a digipack.




1. Journey to Byzantium 02:41       

2. For Another Life 02:30  

3. Nero 02:56         

4. So We Pray 04:15            

5. Dream of a Curious Man 02:35  

6. The Nereid 02:41             

7. A Devil 02:26     

8. Wandering & Condemned 01:51              

9. Whispers of Salvation 02:59        

10. Sweet Benediction 01:48             

11. We will be Remembered 02:19 



All music by Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch

Lyrics and words by Steve Kilbey



It has long been thought that the music of the ancients had never been notated until now

instrumentalist Gareth Koch and lyricist Steve Kilbey held long and deep consultations

With archaeologists who recently have come relatively close to deciphering musical scripts glyphs and pictograms

Gathered from such cities as Rome, Nineveh, Byzantium , Tyre , Carthage and Ilium the site of ancient Troy

Working with language scholars and local musicians we have attempted to bring these ancient songs alive

We have endeavoured to render these ancient songs in a manner that its comprehensible to the modern listener

These recordings and songs represent the thoughts and sounds of a distant antiquity

Here then is the past

And now

the past is here


Steve Kilbey




released May 29, 2020

Written by Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch

Produced by Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch

Executive Producer – Glen Macready

Co-producer – Marshall Cullen

Released through Foghorn Records/MGM


Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion – Steve Kilbey

Flamenco, Classical, Acoustic & Bass Guitars, Keyboard, Percussion – Gareth Koch

Additional Percussion – Andrew Beck


Recorded at Rhapsody Recording Studios & Damien Gerard Studios

Engineered by Gareth Koch & Andrew Beck

Mixed by Andrew Beck

Mastered by King Willy Sound

Original cover artwork – Steve Kilbey

Graphic design – Aurora Kilbey


Special thanks to Sonic Consultants Glen & Pamela Macready, Decompression Studios, Portland Oregon

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Dimensions 150 × 150 × 1 cm

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